Volunteering at CJCGC is a self-designed opportunity to build connections, to use your skills and talents to make a difference, and to experience the joy and richness that comes from seeing the positive changes and successes that come from your efforts.


There are many different ways to volunteer at CJCGC, ranging from relatively small time commitments to building relationships that can last for a lifetime.

Assistance is needed in:

Prayer Partner
Each participant, mentor, volunteer, and teacher needs ongoing prayer support.

The job of the mentor is to support participants as they go through the program and beyond.  A mentor develops a relationship with his/her participant in which they give friendship, support, advice, guidance, help with problem solving, give practical information and serve as advocates for the participants. Mentor meet weekly with their participant throughout the program and beyond.

Bible Study
One element that sets CJCGC apart from other training programs is daily in-depth Bible study conducted by volunteer teachers.

Leaders are needed to teach basic life skills and job readiness classes such as budgeting, appropriate dress, interview skills and computer. Teaching experience is NOT required.

Office Worker
Help in office with paperwork, updating records, answering phones and organizing the CJCGC office space.  Time commitment can be as little as one hour per week.

Meal Sponsor
Cook up some tasty treats and provide meals for participants during the twelve week program.  This time commitment is very flexible as it can be a one-time only event or for a full week or for as often as you desire.

CJCGC runs entirely on donations.  Help with fundraising activities to keep the program strong and thriving.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Providing lunch for the class each day during the 12 week session

  • Providing prayer support

  • Serving as a personal mentor

  • Providing administrative support

  • Teaching or assisting in the classroom

  • Helping with special events, including graduation and our annual event

  • Providing items for our professional clothing closet and/or personal needs basket

  • Providing financial support

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