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It is the goal of the Christian Job Corps of Gillespie County (CJCGC) to equip women and men over the age of 18 with new or improved job skills and tools to achieve your God-given purpose and for success in employment and life. Training is customized and designed to meet the goals of each intern.

Topics include interpersonal communication, computers, and money management while also focusing on how to enhance your current employment situation and turning a regular job into a career. CJCGC also uses extensive personality assessments to help you recognize your strengths and build upon your talents.


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Volunteering at CJCGC is an opportunity to build connections, to use your skills and talents to make a difference, and to experience the joy and richness that comes from seeing the positive changes and successes that come from your efforts.

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Christian Job Corps of Gillespie County (CJCGC) seeks to empower men and women by equipping them with job and life skills through Bible study and one-on-one mentor relationships. A monetary donation to CJCGC will ensure the best possible journey for all members of our program.  It is rare to have such an opportunity through the CJCGC, to touch so many lives with a single gift.

My experience in CWJC was everything I expected. I graduated in 2006 (Christian Job Corps Kerr County) and what wasn’t taught to me before then was definitely taught to me there.

I got work skills that I didn’t know would be helpful in which I use them for an amazing paying job. I also gained a lot of hope, faith, courage, love, respect and self-independence. I never had of any of these things but CWJC helped me gain that when I thought I couldn’t.

I gave myself to God and that as well changed my life. If I could do it all over again, I would. I feel that everything was very useful to me in my work stability and my life structure now. I’m able to pass what was taught to me to my family and friends and recommend anyone who hasn’t been to go. Life was rough for me as a child until I went to Job Corps.

As an adult you feel the presence of the good Lord and loving staff. Wouldn’t have changed this experience for anything.
— Delilah E.

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