What Christian Job Corps did for me - from our first graduates.

A life changed – Madelyn C.

“Maybe I’m too old for this, can I really learn at my age?” Madelyn was apprehensive and quiet as we began the first week of classes. After 10 short weeks, she formed strong bonds with her classmates, she nurtured and blessed each of us with heartfelt sharing and encouragement. Since completing the CWJC class she received a raise at her part time job, paid off her mortgage (result of our goal setting and money management course), and is increasing her time in the community as a volunteer, sharing with others the benefits of the CWJC.

Sticking to it! – Rose Marie D.

“I have a habit of walking off of jobs.  I get hired, but I just quit when things get hard”.  With a little encouragement she signed on to the spring 2017 CWJC class. Overcoming transportation issues, family conflicts and simply wanting to give up, this young woman experienced the love and encouragement of her classmates to not quit. From a somewhat bitter and negative outlook on life to a commitment to finish something, she experienced her first graduation from any type of program. CWJC changed her life through personal interaction with others that helped her see the gifts she had and the value she gives to others.  She went on to obtain another job and continues to serve as a volunteer in a local help agency.

From reclusive to responsive – Jennifer D.

“Since graduating high school I just closed myself into a shell.  I was too afraid to try anything new, feeling I would fail. When you called me back to come to the class I knew I needed to try.” 4 years after graduating high school, and battling depression, she took the chance and came to class. Over the 10 weeks she blossomed into a skilled speaker, a deep thinker that challenged the class and an artistic talent that emerged in many areas. Since completing the CWJC class she has starting volunteering at the local hospital, taken steps to start college in the fall and has dreams of a career in the medical or research field.

I’ve never been to a class before – Elianna G.

Being homeschooled all of her life, to enter a class setting was a new and anxiety filled step. Through this class we watched her grow in confidence, excel at speaking, leading and helping.  Her expertise on the computer was a blessing to her classmates as they working together to learn programs and practice skills. Now growing in confidence in who she is, since graduation she has applied for her first job, taken steps to get her driver’s license and plans to attend college in the near future. CWJC was the impetus she needed.

Robert Deming