Program Key Elements

Strengths Realized

We operate from a strength-based perspective by recognizing that everyone has strengths; many may go unrecognized by you or others. We have separate programs for men and women.  Each program helps a person uncover, discover and develop their own innate skills and talents to help them pursue their dreams and goals.

Connections Made

We help foster and develop deep and lasting connections - to peers, other participants, volunteers and teachers, one-to-one mentors that meet with participants weekly throughout the program and beyond, and the community through community sponsors in the business and private sectors as well as frequent celebrations of successes.


Job Skills Training.

We provide job skills training through the Jobs for Life® curriculum so that all participants may experience the dignity of work.

Life Skills Training.

We equip participants with adaptive and positive behavior to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Skills Needs Assessment.

We realize that every participant has a unique skill set. The curriculum is tailored to every class' needs assessment.

Bible Study.

We know with a firm foundation in Christ, we can accomplish anything we set our minds on.

Forever Networking.

We maintain a face in the community with other agencies and hiring organizations.

One-on-One Mentoring.

We match up same gender mentors with every participant to embark on this wonderful journey together with God's help.